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The Danube Quay

THE DANUBE is one of the distinguishing features of Novi Sad from the aspect of tourism, especially the famous ‘corso’ the “Belgrade Quay”, as well as numerous beaches along the shore, especially the most beautiful and well maintained “Shtrand” («Štrand») which stretches on a 10ha surface with all the supplemental content. The riverside, is also a significant habitat for birds, some of which like the Kovil-Petrovaradin («koviljsko-petrovaradinski») Isle, are special nature reserves, and are of international significance.

The Novi Sad Fair

Founded in 1923, it covers an area of 22,6ha and draws 1 200 000 people, yearly. The biggest and most visited event is the “International Agriculture Fair” with about 2000 exhibitors from Serbia and abroad. The Novi Sad Fair organizes 20 fairs and exhibitions, and 400 events in the “Master” Congress Center, yearly.

Strand beach, Novi Sad

Strand is a popular beach on the Danube, near the Most Slobode (Freedom Bridge), considered as the finest and best arranged beach along the entire flow of the river. It has many summer gardens, playgrounds for children, as well as sports and recreation facilities.

The Petrovaradin Fortress

Covering an area of 122ha, built in the 17th and 18th century, it represents a cultural-historical monument. Located within the fortress are the Museum of the City of Novi Sad, the Academy of the Arts, the Observatory as well as the Archives of the City, also it is at this very place, traditionally, in the month of July, that the EXIT Music Festival takes place, proclaimed to be the best in Europe.

Laze Teleckog Street

TIn the heart of the city, one of the oldest streets, full of clubs, restaurants and cafes, will give you an unforgettable time with food and music for every taste, a lot of fun in the night clubs.

Novi Sad center of town

TIt is located on the Danube, on the intersection of the most important roads, near the mountain of Fruška Gora with 17 culturally and historically significant monasteries, and it is surrounded by typical Vojvodinian ranches. In addition, there are 17th-century Petrovaradin Fortress, appealing old city center, numerous museums, prestigious Novi Sad Fair, as well as many world famous festivals and events. The City of Novi Sad has the necessary diversity of a modern tourist center that aims to and has the ability to put itself on a world tourist map.