How to get to us?   Located in the centre of Novi Sad, Hostel “Centar” is not hard to find.  Railway and bus station are next to each other. On a city bus station, which is situated just across these two stations, you can take a bus number 4.  Get off the bus at the fourth bus stop (center of the town Novi Sad). Use pedestrian tunnel to cross the street and then go straight to the cathedral. When you walk past town square and cathedral, go straight through the Zmaj Jovina Street. Near the end of that street, you’ll see Jovan Jovanović Zmaj monument and Vladičanski dvor behind it. Please, continue straight forward until you walk past “Zmaj Jovina” high school. Then, turn left and go straight to the crossroads where you are entering Milovana Vidakovića Street. Our hostel is located on the left side of Milovana Vidakovića Street, near the streets end. If, for some reason, you won’t take a bus, we can recommend you city’s taxi services that will take you to our hostel by the shortest route and at the best price. Of course, you can always get to us by foot. As local people say: ”Nothing is too far away in our city!” If you still can’t menage to find us at your own, please contact us and we’ll help you out  and give you the instructions. Street  Milovana Vidakovica br.5 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia Phone: +381 (0) 65 5706706 Cell: +381 (0) 65 5706706 E – mail:

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